Our Story

How it all started...

The ministry of the Anna Street Church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas, began in
August 1959, one of several church plants by the West Amarillo Church of Christ.
Under the leadership of Portis Ribble, our founding minister, we became the first
Texas panhandle church to have a regular television ministry. In the robust years
before the airbase closed in Amarillo, most of our pews were filled every Sunday.
Our current pastor Gene Shelburne was invited to return home to Amarillo to begin
serving our congregation in 1968. His active participation in the Amarillo Ministerial
Association and in numerous other community organizations has enabled our small
congregation to play an important role in the Amarillo area. In 1996 Lyndon Latham
became a part-time member of our pastoral team. Gene Shelburne retired as our minister in 2020 and now serves as one of our beloved elders.
Here is a revised list of our leadership.

Expanding the vision...

On the front of our building the sign reads “Anna Street Church of Christ,” and we are proud of that heritage. But the ministry of this congregation reaches far beyond traditional Church of Christ boundaries, touching lives and sharing the Good News of
Jesus with people from many different backgrounds. We have been described as the most ecumenical Church of Christ in town, and we are glad to plead guilty to that description, for we do indeed affirm our family ties with all those who trust in the cross of the Lord
Jesus and honor him as their Lord and Savior.